Beneficial Services Our Firm Provides


We email a full investment newsletter every month which details the current trend, condition, and risk profile of each major investment class. Our model portfolio is included each month. It is recommended for anyone looking to grow their account with less risk than the stock market. Urgent updates are also sent out when immediate action is recommended.

Client Advocate Service

With over 21 years of experience in the investment world, our firm will provide a breakdown of your current holdings which will detail your current allocations and all fees being charged. We can attend meetings with you and your current advisor to drive lower fees on your holdings and to their firm in the form of a discount to you.

401(k) Report

Our firm will provide a report to each client that submits their current 401k statement to us which grades each holding and discloses all fees being charged in a clear and concise manner. It is designed to assist you in understanding and maximizing the value of your investments which should improve your results while lowering your risk.

Balance Sheet Analysis

All clients wishing to have their current assets analyzed versus their loans and liabilities can request a custom analysis to be performed at no charge. This analysis verifies the money is segregated in your name and helps to find options to save money on interest costs and feesbeing charged.



CRUCIAL features included with our newsletter 
Constant Market Risk Monitoring

We monitor the current risk conditions present in global financial markets and advise our clients how to best position their portfolio for maximum growth while limiting losses. High risk asset classes have a greater probability of loss and should not be owned, unlike most advisors that try to cover all of the boxes.

Model Portfolio Solutions

We publish our customized, professionally risk-managed portfolios in each newsletter. Email updates that require immediate attention are also provided at no extra cost should market or investment conditions change between publications and action is required. 

Individual Stock/Security Ideas

For investors looking for individual stocks to invest or trade on their own, we publish a list of our top investment names that meet our criteria given the current market conditions. We own those positions in our portfolios and will make changes quickly as dictated by any changes in risk or valuation.